Christmas: Round Four

We made it! We survived Christmas this year! Sadly, our house didn't make it out as well as we did. It's an absolute mess, and the beautiful floors are completely covered in toys. So, if you want to come see the house, no surprise visits! Give me about an hour head start to throw things in closets clean the house before you come :)

Well, yesterday after we had our little family Christmas, we packed up and headed over to Josh's parent's house. With the grandparents and all of the aunts and uncles, things can get a little crazy.
The kids were very good, Taylor did a great job of sitting and opening her presents with her parents...Jayden squirmed away and went off to do other things.
I didn't even get all of the presents in this picture. Yeah. It's crazy.
Jayden LOVED his new Radio Flyer tricycle from Grandma and Papa. Taylor got one from her mommy too, but her bike is girly.
Jayden and his crooked grin...
Where is that light coming from???
Jayden got very interesting in the gift opening once Tim opened his new tool chest...Jayden came over as soon as he saw it was lots of "oooooooh"s.
Jayden and Taylor relaxing in Taylor's new recliner. Are they cute kids or what?
As a side note, I think I'll be redoing the blog at the first of the year. Since I've all but abandoned the house blog, I thought I'd put more about that in this blog. So, it'll be more family/house/and my own ramblings than all about Jayden. :)

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  1. mandy Says:

    i figured you'd come to combine then soon...its hard to update different blogs, so why not just put everything on one site...

    cute pictures :)