Christmas: Round Two

We just got back from Christmas at my mom's house, and I actually have time for midnight mass at ten o'clock.

Once again, the boys had a lot of fun and got some GREAT toys. Jayden finally got into the unwrapping biz, and even tried to unwrap one of Ethan's! Hours of shopping and wrapping and making everything look nice was destroyed within minutes. It was a good time.

Here is a shot of my mom's Christmas tree, I didn't quite get around to my obsessive rearranging of Christmas presents this year.

My mom is getting the dinner party thing down pat, our only disappointment was lack of smoke, fire, or other mayhem to watch.

Is he a stud or what?

Aw, an actual family picture!

When it was time to sort out the gifts, Jayden was more than happy to have a climbing pile. He actually got mad when we tried to get him to unwrap them because he was having so much fun climbing!

Here he is unwrapping a train set all by himself!

Now he's really gotten the hang of it.

A bit of the chaos at Nana's house.

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