Life in the construction zone.

Alright, as you all know by now, we've been renovating a house for that past fifteen months...and we've recently moved in. The house isn't finished, we don't have a kitchen and we only have a half bath (that means no tub, no shower, and daily visits to people who do have these amenities). We also have lots of stuff lying around, such as tools, nails, boards, and anything else we thought was necessary to keep out.

So basically I've learned a few things since living here. They may seem like no brainers to most of you...but when you don't really have the time or brainpower to think things through, things happen. The following are ones I've learned first hand from Jayden:
  • For one, baby oil is great for unsticking baby hands that have found and opened the bottle of liquid cement.
  • Do not put light switch and plug in covers on in front of little people, because then they think its okay to put a screwdriver in the socket.
  • In fact, do not do anything involving tools in front of little people, unless you like getting your walls hammered.
  • And dealing with my previous post, a great way to store paint brushes for short amounts of time without washing them is to wrap them up in plastic. However, if there is a toddler in the house, there is NO safe place for wet paint brushes, and you're better off throwing them away (outside, preferably) and buying new ones if you don't want to go through the trouble of washing out the paint.

And, because of the season, I've learned a couple of things about dealing with toddlers, well, Jayden anyway, I don't always know if he's exactly like all toddlers...
  • Even though it looks pretty to have presents wrapped under the tree, with pretty ribbons and bows, its best not to bother unless you want to rewrap the presents numerous times.
  • Also, don't bother decorating the bottom three feet of the Christmas tree, that section will become 'undecorated' soon enough.

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