A couple of new videos

I thought I'd share a couple of videos of Jayden. He's been keeping me very busy lately, but it's been tons of fun.

The first video is just playtime. He was in such a giggling mood, that I had to get out my camera. :)

The second video is of this morning after bathtime. His vocabulary is expanding constantly right now, and he was actually cooporating with sharing some of that this morning...so I had to grab the camera again!

4 Response to "A couple of new videos"

  1. mandy Says:

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  2. mandy Says:

    aww...i have never heard him say the alphabet before...he is the cutest boy i know!!!

    hope the kitchen progress is coming along wonderfully!!!

    hope to see ya's son!!!

  3. mandy Says:

    i posted the first one as well, but the first and second were posted twice...so i deleted one!! haha...sorry to get you wondering who left the comment :)

  4. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Hey buddy!
    You're growing up too fast! You are so smart! Love the demonstration ("Where's your mouth?", "G/cheese!"). Thanks for the videos, Chelsea!