New desk and our kitchen layout!

Well, another weekend has already come and feels like they're getting shorter and shorter anymore. I found a desk that I liked on, so we spent Saturday driving up to Iowa City to pick it up. It's four separate pieces, we're planning on splitting it up and using the desk with hutch in one area, and the cabinet with hutch in another area.

Here's a picture that the sellers sent me:
I'm not all that wild about the color, but I'll wait a year or so before I make any changes. Mostly because I've got too many projects I'm working on right now to add another. The desk is pretty much the perfect shape and size for the area that we're working with. I don't think I've shared the kitchen plans on here yet, but here it is with the little arrow pointing to the desk space.

On Sunday we finished putting up drywall, added some plaster, and got a start on some of the sanding. Josh also work on getting his stereo system up and going. We added a built in shelving in the living room, and it holds all of our stereo equipment, and DVDs. There are plug ins in every other shelf, and all of the wires run out of the back, and they are wired into the wall. When we had the furnace put in, they had to run some ducts up here, so this was our way to use some of the lost space. Here's a picture, so you can get an idea of it. (It's kind of an old picture, but I'm no good at explaining things, so it's better than nothing)

So, that sums up the weekend. Exciting stuff huh? Apparently we have another winter storm coming, and let me tell you, I am NOT happy about it. After the beautiful weekend, I thought it was over, I thought Spring was coming. Yeah right, there's a supposed 6-10 inches coming our way. Which means that Josh will be stuck out driving in it all day, and Jayden and I will be stuck indoors again. So if anyway has any ideas of ANYTHING I can do to keep Jayden preoccupied. Let me know. The kid is going stir crazy with this weather. And stir crazy kids cause crazy mommas.

2 Response to "New desk and our kitchen layout!"

  1. mandy Says:


    i want the storm to come because then we won't have school and i'll miss work (darn)...hehe

    i understand that jayden is so caught up inside because of the cold weather and im sure it's driving you crazy...hehe :)

    well, good luck if the weather gets bad and you cant get out...tell josh to be careful though

    thats the worried sister coming out of me :)

  2. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Well by now the storm has probably come and gone - hope it hasn't left you too homebound! It could be worse - you could be in Oswego County, NY, where one town received over 11 FEET!!! (yes, feet, not inches) in one week. Here in NJ we're only supposed to get a few inches of the white stuff but also some ice and rain (yuck). School has already been cancelled for tomorrow and Jonathan has a friend over for a sleepover. Hopefully we'll get to play outside tomorrow. We haven't really had any measureable snow yet this winter (very weird). Hope Joshie is/was careful; and Chelsea, stock up on the Valium (for the kid) and the alcohol (for you). (totally j/k!, well, maybe not about the alcohol...:))