More kitchen progress

The weekend work went very well, I didn't do much besides chasing after Jayden and doing laundry...but with the help of his dad, Josh got a lot of work done! He finished running the plumbing up to the master bathroom on the second floor, so now we're able to put up the ceiling (by we, I mean our ceiling guy). Right now, we're trying to pick out some paint colors. We'll have an accent wall of red, cherry cabinets, and pine floors. This is the red color we've picked out, it's pretty strong, but I like it. It'll be an accent color throughout the house.
Right now, we're thinking of going with a sage green. But, I'm not exactly sure. I was going to go with a creamy color, but our family room and living room are yellow, so I think it would be too much. If anyone has any ideas, let me know!

And, because I like are a few from this weekends work!

Aw, isn't that sweet, Josh and Joe working on the plumbing and little Jayden playing with the torch.

Josh finishing up the plumbing. Woohoo! Of course we still have to do the kitchen plumbing, but I'm hoping that that will be the easy part.

And Jayden, cause he's cute.

3 Response to "More kitchen progress"

  1. mandy Says:

    its a pretty color chelsea...very pretty!!!

  2. Aunt Jenny Says:

    I love the red as an accent color - and I'm all about sage green (it's my favorite). Man, you guys are going to have all the colors I want in my house! :)

  3. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Chelsea your captions are toooooo funny - Jayden with the torch LOL!