Gavin's One Man Band

Apparently Jayden isn't going to be the only loud kid in the house. Gavin has figured out how to toot the recorder, and use it as a pretty awesome drumstick too!
Also, you'll see that he's walking better and better. He'll be ten months on the 23rd, can you believe it?!?

3 Response to "Gavin's One Man Band"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Gavin, You are way too cute! I can't believe how well you are walking and you're not even one yet!! way to go buddy boy!! I like the way you play the recorder and the drum, WOW. Love ya, G-Ma XO XO

  2. mandy Says:

    haha, that is too cute...i cant believe he isnt even 10 months and already doing THAT much walking

    oh, and jasper is cute too...he just wants to be on camera too :)

  3. Aunt Jenny Says:

    What a little musician you are, Gavin! And you're walking is just amazing buddy boy!