Must be a boy thing.

So, last night we were sitting having our dinner, and Gavin is babbling away. Josh looks at him and goes "Say dada?" and Gavin looks at Josh with his impish grin and goes "Dada!" I take my turn and look at Gavin and go "Say mama?" and he looks at me and says "Mama!" How cute is that? Anyway, today at lunch I attempt to see if I can get Gavin to say "Mama" again. I sit across from him and start baby talking "Gavin, can you say Mama? Maaamaaaaa?" and Jayden immediately mimics me, but with his own words. "Gavin, say poop. Poop! Can you say poop?? Gaaaaavin. Poop" I can't wait to take Gavin into public after Jayden has successfully taught him his favorite words.

2 Response to "Must be a boy thing."

  1. Shelene Says:

    Lol - that is so cute, and such a boy thing. I could see Christopher doing the same thing... considering "poop" is one of his favorite words these days. :) Good luck!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I forgot to let you know how funny that was!! I can see Jayden doing that and just thinking it was so cute. I wonder what else he'll teach him?? Good luck! G-Ma XO XO