Saint Nicholas Day

First of all, you all need to check over at Hazel's Blog, her parents have some wonderful news! It's a story like that that makes Christmas so much better, and reminds us all to be thankful.

Secondly, you may or may not know that today is St. Nicholas Day. This is the actual feast day of Saint Nicholas, patron Saint of Children (among many other things). From my understanding, the Eve of St. Nicholas Day is when St. Nicholas fills the children's stocking. It's supposed to be with things that the children can share, so typically treats and candy.

This was our mantel this morning. St. Nicholas was nice enough to put everything up on the mantel, he must have known that Jasper (our dog) is typically on the naughty list and not to be trusted with anything on floor level.

Jayden was patient enough to let us snap a picture before they peeked into their stockings. The boys also had some gifts from Josh's parents, they got Gavin a baby Christmas CD, some cars, and some socks. Jayden recieved candy, a Cars dry erase board, playing card games, and a slinky.

St. Nicholas got the boys candy, raisins, some other snacky stuff, toys, and they're yearly ornaments.
The ornaments each year typically define the child for that year. This year, Jayden's was a John Deere Tractor, and Gavin's was an angel that says "A Gift From God" since this is his FIRST Christmas.
That was all for this morning. Hopefully we'll get to see Santa today. I don't know if Jayden will sit on his lap, but maybe a taste of whats to come from this morning will help entice him. I have a pretty strong feeling that Gavin might yank Santa's beard off, but we'll see...

2 Response to "Saint Nicholas Day"

  1. aunt mandy Says:

    cute cute...if they had THIS much fun for st. nick, i cant even imagine CHRISTMAS...hehe :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What fun! Can't wait for Christmas Day! Jayden looks so excited and of course Gavin has his usual grin. Love the ornaments,that's what our kids always got too. Something special about their year. Love to all, G-Ma XO XO