It's Santa!

Saturday we took the boys to see Santa. Jayden was pretty pepped up about it, and I was beginning to think that maybe this year he would get a picture with Santa (it was a no go last year). He sat with Josh as they made out his Christmas list before we left, and we stressed to him repeatedly that he didn't get presents that day, he just told Santa what he would like so Santa would know what to bring. We decided to go to Fun City, because it supports the Kiwanis club and you get a card to play the games afterward. Jayden was pretty pumped up when we got there, we all started walking towards Santa, and as soon as he got into view...Jayden immediately started walking backwards. Luckily the picture machine wasn't working and we had a good 20 minutes to warm Jayden up to Santa. Gavin on the other hand was mesmerized by Santa. He walked right up to him, and as I placed him on Santa's lap, he immediately started crying.
So, we didn't exactly get a Hallmark moment, but we did get both kids in the same picture with smiling with Santa.

4 Response to "It's Santa!"

  1. Cernin4 Says:

    At least the boys got that close to him! I think it's a great picture!

  2. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Oh, it's Murphey's Law! What a riot! See you kiddies soon!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It's still a good picture. Just like some we used to get,Ha!! At least they'll have the pic to look back on. josh looks so darn cute too!! Love to my two boys, G-Ma XXOO XXOO

  4. Shelene Says:

    that's really cute - and you got all 3 of your sweet boys in the picture! :)