Some self promoting from the mama...

Well, being a stay at home parent is a lot of fun...but it doesn't pay the best and sometimes the most challenging part of the day is keeping Jayden out of the kitty food.
So, Josh and I were talking about all of this photo and video software on our computers and how it might be nice to do a little bit of business on the side. My area in this house is touching up photography and putting together slide shows. Josh's area is transfering home vidoes from VHS onto DVD.

I'm not usually a fan of copying a picture of someone and putting it on a different background....but when the daddy wants a Superman Birthday party for a first Birthday, and I've got to "baby" it up a bit....this comes in handy. Other additions to this photo where putting on a cape, and making his diaper a "Super Diaper."

This one is still a work in progress. I've been repairing the water damage and scratch marks.

This is one of my current favorite things to do! I think it really adds a lot of fun to any picture. This is a picture I did of Taylor, and the on below has only our boquet in color.

This is one of those "accidental" good pictures of Jayden. I was just randomly snapping pictures, and I got this expression. I like the pictures that I display to look somewhat professional, meaning no holes in the floor (upper left corner) or the tale end of a big kitty. So, I did what I could to get rid of both of those, put it in black and white, and colored in a bit. Overall, I think the effect is that I meant to get a cute picture of Jayden. :)

I can take out drool too!
For those of you who might think I'm good at taking pictures, I'm not. I'm just good at making them look a little better.
This is all I have to show right now, currently I'm working on coloring in some old black and white family pictures, and a few other things. I haven't done a price list or anything...basically I was just wanting peoples opinions before I got started into anything too major.

3 Response to "Some self promoting from the mama..."

  1. Shelene Says:

    You are definitely talented. :) I have a lot of fun editing and restoring pictures too! (If you've noticed some of my more "professional" looking photos... I tend to just zoom & crop, but occasionally I do other effects as well)

    I'm not sure how much of a market there would be for you with photo editing and restoration... the video transfer should be in pretty high demand....

    Keep it up - you do good work! :)

  2. mandy Says:

    that'd be a good idea getting together guys would be good at it...

    i dont do pictures like you do chels..i merely just put them on my computer and resize thing i really dont care to make them look better, im not picky (surprising i know) about it...but i think its neat how you do all that stuff, ive tried messing around with it before, but its not the same...i cant get it work...

    you, on the other hand, HAVE worked at sears so you know more photo stuff than i do...

    your doin a good job, keep it up :)

  3. Shelene Says:

    I was just looking at the pictures again...

    I LOVE the one from your wedding especially, and the ones of Jayden and Taylor are darling too!

    You are doing a great job, and it would be so awesome of you could start a photo, slideshow, and video business with your hubby! :)