Tricks and Pics

We've been having such a good time playing in the fall leaves, I thought I'd post a few more pictures! Jayden loves stomping on the dry leaves, and will go out of his way to do so! Its super cute, and a great excuse for Josh and I to take advantage of the big leaf piles too (its already nice enough to finally have an excuse for the TV being turned to Cartoon Network all of the time). So there are more pictures down below.

I thought it might also be nice to post a few of Jayden's more recent "tricks."

He can walk very well, and often breaks out in a bit of run.
He's a great climber, and can pretty much get on top of anything he can reach.
He's been walking up and down stairs when he gets the chance. He'll either hold on to the railing or any available set of hands.
He gives hugs, and he gives and blows great kisses, always with a big "Muuaaahhhh"
He can shake his head yes and no, which makes things surprisingly easier.
He pretty much understand anything you tell him anymore, whether he chooses to listen or not is hard part.

This is his vocabulary, as his momma, I understand it better than most. :)
Baby (usually if he sees a picture of himself)
Bye Bye
Uh oh
Num num - for all food
Burrrr - for anything cold
He now says "Choo Choo" for train and if you ask him what Gizmo (our kitty) says he says "moww" now.
A few he tries to say are
Door - "Doaa"
Bath - "Baa"
Diaper - "Di ber"

This is Jayden at our current house, as always, making a run for the stairs.
Here he is with Daddy, walking up the steps like a big boy!
"Daddy, go get those leaves! "
This is at our new house, a nice big pile of leave had formed itself out in the we HAD to jump in!
Jayden and Taylor making a run for it.
Taylor trying out the leaf pile!

I call this one "Blue Steal."

2 Response to "Tricks and Pics"

  1. Shelene Says:

    Lovin' it!!!!

    I understand what you mean about having so much fun in the leaves - I could take pictures all day! :)

    I can't believe how big Jayden is getting - what a sweet boy! You are such a great momma too, so that makes him even more special.

    See you soon!!!!

  2. mandy Says:

    oh man have too much fun in the leaves!! you are such a stinker, but i love you!!!

    cya soon,

    <3 aunt mandy :)