Pictures from Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving was a great day! We started off at Grandma and Grandpa's house, joined by Taylor, Kim, and Mandy. Jayden woke up a little crabby, and he wasn't too interested in sitting through his lunch...but once we got outside he perked right up. Who knew that it would be warm enough for kids to play outside without their coats on Thanksgiving Day? They both had a great time playing in the leaves, and enjoying the attention of so many people. Taylor was being especially photogenic by saying a big "CHEEEESE" every time she saw a camera!
From Joe and Barbs, we went to Nana's house. Heather, Scott, Ethan, Uncle Josh, Perry, Hanna and George were all there too. The guys were mostly entertained by my mom's new TV, and her bar. Jayden was still a little cranky, but he sat through supper a little better. He kept stealing food off of Heather's plate, and was great entertainment for Ethan as he tried to stuff an entire roll in his mouth and when he decided it wouldn't fit, put it back on Heather's plate.
All in all it was a great day with really great food...and we're really looking foward to the rest of the holiday season!
Here are a few pictures of Jayden and Taylor playing outside with everyone else.

Papa got some old balls out of the garage and filled them up with air, both of the kids seemed to want the ball that the other one had (does that make sense?).

Is she a doll, or what?

Jayden and Taylor got to play in Papa' truck for a bit...Jayden enjoyed making squishy faces on the window.


The leaves made a great buffer!

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