First "real" haircut!

We took Jayden to the barber for the very fist time today! I've given him a few haircuts, but I don't really have the proper tools to get it short enough. We went really short because Jayden is always messing up his hair, as soon as I comb it down he rubs his hands all over his head and messes it back up. Such a boy!

Yes, that's a big ol' bruise on his head. Poor guy fell on the steps for the first time the other day. :(

We had to use the phone to keep him from moving to much.

Josh has gone to this same guy since he was Jayden's age!

Jayden was a very good boy, even if he was a little leery about the shaver!

2 Response to "First "real" haircut!"

  1. Shelene Says:

    What a good boy! I can't believe how grown-up he is - - - Wow!

    Cute pictures - I can't wait to see the finished product. Josh's hair always looks nice, so I'm sure Jayden is as adorable as ever! :)

  2. mandy Says:

    runs in the family...i bet josh is sayin "thats my boyyya"