We're moving!

We FINALLY have an official moving date! Hooray! We're moving on Saturday, December 2nd. It's not very far away, and we have a LOT to do still...but the date is set in stone.

We're all very excited to get in there...Jayden throws a tantrum every time we leave that house, so I think he'll take the move just fine. :)

2 Response to "We're moving!"

  1. Shelene Says:

    I'm so excited for you! Sorry we're not around to help you out, but we'll be there for a house-warming time if you'll have us. :)


  2. mandy Says:

    yay...i cant wait to see the electricity and everything!!!

    so happy for you guys!! jayden will just LOVE it im sure...hehe :)

    congrats and love ya both